Monday, June 2, 2014

New Setup package changes the way in which we disable some services

We have a new Setup package that changes the way in which we disable services like network-manager, salt-master, and salt-minion.  Previously, we were disabling these services by renaming their init script.  For example, we would disable salt-master as follows:
mv /etc/init/salt-master.conf /etc/init/salt-master.DISABLED

We're getting ready to update to the latest salt packages which don't handle that method of disabling gracefully.  So we're going to move to a more graceful method of disabling these services which is to create an override file as follows:
echo "manual" > /etc/init/salt-master.override

When the new Setup package installs, it has a preinst script that should check /etc/init/ and see if network-manager, salt-master, and/or salt-minion were disabled via the old method.  If so, it will then migrate them to the new style of disabling.  /usr/bin/sosetup and /usr/bin/sosetup-network have also been updated such that new runs of Setup will result in the new method of disabling.

The updated package version is as follows:
securityonion-setup - 20120912-0ubuntu0securityonion105

This new package has been tested by the following (thanks!):
David Vasil
Eddy Simons

Issues Resolved

Issue 542: Setup: when disabling salt, avoid modifying salt package files

The new package is now available in our stable repo.  Please see the following page for full update instructions:

If you have any questions or problems, please use our security-onion mailing list:

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We especially need help in answering support questions on the mailing list:

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