Thursday, August 31, 2023

Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for our 4-day Security Onion Training

Security Onion Solutions has been teaching Security Onion classes since 2014. Since that time, we've taught students around the globe to help them peel back the layers of their enterprise and make their adversaries cry.

Our next class is in October. Why should you sign up? Here are the top 5 reasons!

1. Amazing instructors

Our instructors are not like other instructors that just read from a slide deck. Security Onion Solutions instructors have years of experience in threat hunting, enterprise security monitoring, and log management. They have worked in real-world operational security roles, engineered monitoring strategies and solutions, and handled real-world incidents. They bring their practical experience to the classroom, enabling students in both theory and hands-on application to hunt adversaries in environments large and small.

2. Comprehensive course material and labs

As a student, you will receive over 300 pages of course material filled with tips and tricks to help you peel back the layers of your enterprise and make your adversaries cry. That amazing content is reinforced by the immersive real-world case studies.

3. First public training for 2.4

We recently released Security Onion 2.4 and it has lots of new features and improvements! This class will help you take advantage of all those new features.

4. We teach the only OFFICIAL training for Security Onion

Security Onion Solutions is the only official provider of Security Onion training. If you want the best training, get it from the company that developed the platform!

5. FREE ticket for both Security Onion Conference and BSidesAugusta

As a student, you will receive a FREE non-transferable ticket to both our 10th annual Security Onion Conference and the 10th annual BSidesAugusta!


BONUS reason - Support development of the free and open platform!

Security Onion has been a free and open platform since 2008. We've invested many years of development into making Security Onion even better at helping you peel back the layers of your enterprise and making your adversaries cry. If you purchase training from us, you are helping to cover the cost of developing and maintaining the Security Onion platform, now and in the future.

BONUS BONUS reason - Compete in the CTF for a cool prize!

As a student, you get to compete in the class CTF (Capture The Flag) event to show off your new skills. If you win, you get a limited edition t-shirt and bragging rights!

Sign up today

There are a limited number of seats for this amazing class and the registration deadline is 9/22/2023. Don't delay, reserve your seat today!

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