Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Security Onion Solutions Appliances

In 2018, we announced Security Onion Solutions (SOS) appliances. Since that time, we've shipped appliances to customers around the globe to help them peel back the layers of their enterprise and make their adversaries cry.

Why should you purchase hardware appliances from Security Onion Solutions? Here are the top 5 reasons!

  1. Eliminate the guesswork of buying the right hardware
    You can run Security Onion on your own hardware, but you'll have to determine the answers to the following questions:
    How many CPU cores?
    How much RAM?
    What kind of storage?
    How much storage?
    What kind of NIC?

    Security Onion Solutions hardware is configured and built for specific roles and workloads. We know Security Onion's hardware needs, and our appliances are the perfect match for the platform. Leave the hardware research, testing, and support to us, so you can focus on what's important for your organization.

  2. Save time for you and your server team
    If you run Security Onion on your own hardware, then you may need to configure your storage correctly and then you'll have to manually install Security Onion.

    Security Onion Solutions appliances come with storage pre-configured and the Security Onion platform pre-loaded so that you can focus on your real job of monitoring and defending your enterprise.

  3. Enhanced integration
    Security Onion's SOC interface provides appliance-specific information directly in the user-interface. Use this information to monitor the appliance's health in real time. Also view the appliance front and rear panels, useful for walking through connectivity discussions with personnel in the data center. Only official Security Onion Solutions appliances are supported with this integration.

  4. Get FULL support from ONE vendor
    If you experience problems, it may be challenging in some cases to determine if the problem is due to hardware or software especially if hardware support is from one vendor and software support is from a different vendor.

    Security Onion Solutions supports both the hardware and software components of our branded appliances. Security Onion software support includes configuration, deployment, tuning, and break fix support delivered remotely via email, phone, or video conference.  Hardware support includes defective media retention (you keep and destroy bad hard drives) with next business day shipping on parts within the continental United States. On-site technicians can be coordinated for complex part repairs. We can quote 1-5 years of support, with higher discounts for longer support terms.

  5. BY defenders FOR defenders
    The Security Onion software platform is developed by defenders for defenders and our hardware appliances are no exception. We've designed the appliances that we would want to use in the trenches and we support you as fellow defenders.
Bonus reason - Support development of the free and open platform!
Security Onion has been a free and open platform since 2008. We've invested many years of development into making Security Onion even better at helping you peel back the layers of your enterprise and making your adversaries cry. If you purchase appliances from us, you are helping to cover the cost of developing and maintaining the Security Onion platform, now and in the future.

Don't delay, reserve your SOS appliances today!

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