Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Security Onion 2.3.90 WAZUH Hotfix Now Available!

We recently released Security Onion 2.3.90:

Today, we are releasing a WAZUH hotfix:

If you haven't updated recently, then you should review the 2.3.90 blog post linked above so that you are aware of all recent changes.

Holiday Closure

Security Onion Solutions offices will be closed 11/25/2021 and 11/26/2021 for Thanksgiving in the US. You may want to wait until the following week before upgrading your production deployments just in case you run into any issues.

Internet-Connected Deployments

If your Security Onion deployment has Internet access, simply run "sudo soup" as described here:

Airgap Deployments

If you have an airgap deployment, download the new ISO image from the usual location:


Then follow the steps here:


Questions or Problems

If you have questions or problems, please see our community support forum guidelines:


You can then find the community support forum at:


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