Monday, May 13, 2019

Elastic 6.7.2 now available for Security Onion!

The following are now available for Security Onion:
Docker images for Elastic 6.7.2
securityonion-elastic - 20190510-1ubuntu1securityonion3

Elastic 6.7.2

Issues Resolved

Elastic 6.7.2 #1426

securityonion-elastic: enable Java Execution Engine in Logstash #1436

securityonion-elastic: update "Syslog - Source IP Address" visualization on Syslog dashboard #1498

securityonion-elastic: add bro_conn service data table #1496

securityonion-elastic: rename bro x509 id to fuid #1499

securityonion-elastic: rename bro pe id to fuid #1493

securityonion-elastic: update so-elastalert-create-whiptail to use new parameters in so-elastalert-test #1487

securityonion-elastic: add more options to so-elastalert-test #1486

securityonion-elastic: so-elastalert-test errors if no input provided #1470

securityonion-elastic: correct separator in 1122_preprocess_bro_socks.conf #1485

securityonion-elastic: update Logstash config to support Wazuh 3.8 agent #1469

securityonion-elastic: avoid writing firewall logs to logstash-syslog index #1481

securityonion-elastic: remove Wazuh's alerts.json from syslog-ng config #1467

securityonion-elastic: update PFSense Logstash config for IPv6 options #1461

securityonion-elastic: add so-elastic-document-stats #1459

securityonion-elastic: minor fixes to bro logstash filters #1460

securityonion-elastic: change wiki to docs #1452

securityonion-elastic: if Standalone with 8GB RAM, set ES heap to 1GB #1425

securityonion-elastic: move parsing from logstash to elasticsearch ingest for so-import-pcap #1497

securityonion-elastic: so-import-pcap should run snort and suricata with checksums disabled #1478

securityonion-elastic: minor fixes to so-import-pcap #1458

securityonion-elastic: so-import-pcap should create a sguil sensor named HOSTNAME-import #1472

so-import-pcap: run Setup if necessary #1480

so-import-pcap: avoid merging errors #1430

so-import-pcap - improve single pcap use case #1239

securityonion-elastic: add translations route to Apache proxy config #1495

securityonion-elastic: add built_assets route to Apache proxy config #1494

securityonion-elastic: add dlls route to Apache proxy config #1435

securityonion-elastic: add route to Apache proxy config #1437

securityonion-elastic: add s route to Apache proxy config #1438

securityonion-elastic: ensure update/refresh button is consistent across all Kibana dashboards #1429

Kibana: HIDS Alerts Dashboard - Replace syslog-host_from with #1442

securityonion-elastic: DHCP dashboard has different darkTheme behavior than others #1516

securityonion-elastic: modify fields for Bro socks log #1517

securityonion-elastic: fix so-elasticsearch-template-create #1518

Thanks to the Elastic team for Elastic 6.7.2!
Thanks to Wes Lambert and Dustin Lee for testing!

Please see the following page for full update instructions:

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