Thursday, April 26, 2018

securityonion-desktop-gnome - 20180411-1ubuntu1securityonion7 now available for Security Onion!

The following package is now available:
securityonion-desktop-gnome - 20180411-1ubuntu1securityonion7

This package should resolve the following issues:

securityonion-desktop-gnome: add gedit #1241

This package installs the Gnome Flashback desktop environment and a utility to switch from XFCE to Gnome Flashback.  This will help to ensure full support until we're ready to move off of Ubuntu 14.04.  The following page on our Wiki has instructions for either migrating from XFCE to Gnome Flashback OR totally disabling the GUI altogether:

Thanks to Wes Lambert for testing the new package!

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