Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Elastic 6.2.4 and securityonion-elastic - 20180130-1ubuntu1securityonion78 now available for Security Onion!

The following are now available for Security Onion:

  • Elastic 6.2.4 Docker images
  • securityonion-elastic - 20180130-1ubuntu1securityonion78

This should resolve the following issue:

Elastic Stack 6.2.4 #1238

Thanks to the Elastic team for the Elastic Stack!
Thanks to Wes Lambert for testing!

If you have pre-release Elastic installations (Technology Previews, Alpha, Beta, RC1, RC2, etc.), we don't officially support upgrading to newer releases, but you can try the steps listed here:

Otherwise, if you are currently running our GA release (Elastic 6.2.3), you should be able to update using the standard update instructions:

We have a 4-day Security Onion training class coming up in Augusta, GA!  For this and other training options, please see:

Need support?  Please see:


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