Thursday, December 1, 2011

Security Onion 20111202 now available!

Security Onion 20111202 is now available!  This resolves the following issue:
Issue 139: Squert needs HTTPS

This update will convert Squert and Xplico to HTTPS.  It will also automatically update any Squert/Xplico shortcuts contained within the Security Onion installation to use HTTPS.  If you have any Squert/Xplico bookmarks on any other computers in your network, you should just need to change them from HTTP to HTTPS.

New Users
New users can download and install the 20111103 ISO image using the instructions here.  The step marked "Install Security Onion updates" will automatically install this update.

In-place Upgrade
Existing Security Onion users can perform an in-place upgrade using the following command (if you're behind a proxy, remember to set your proxy variables as described in the FAQ):
sudo -i "curl -L > ~/ && bash ~/"
Note that the upgrade script is cumulative and will upgrade any older version of Security Onion to the most recent version (including any updates in between).

Upgrade Process

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