Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Security Onion LiveCD 20090613

A new version of the Security Onion LiveCD is now available! Here's the changelog:

-All Xubuntu 9.04 updates as of 2009/06/13.

-Added JJ Cummings's pulledpork as an alternative to oinkmaster. All pulledpork files are in:

-Added Leon Ward's dumbpig for checking custom Snort rules:

-Added Bro IDS for Marcus J. Carey. All Bro files are in:

The Security Onion LiveCD can be downloaded from the following location:

UPDATE: Some ibiblio mirrors are showing an index page which contains no links. Here are the direct links to the ISO and MD5 file:


johnwirtz said...

FYI, I am seeming to have issues with the squil login. squil and password do not work

Doug Burks said...

Have you tried username sguil (with a g instead of a q)?

Please let me know whether or not that helps.

Doug Burks

johnwirtz said...

Too Funny. That was it. Thanks much and keep up the good work!

Doug Burks said...

No problem, John.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the next release of the Security Onion LiveCD.

Doug Burks

Kevin Mayor said...

how about booting from a usb

Doug Burks said...

Hi Kevin,

Booting from USB should be possible using tools like Unetbootin.

Doug Burks

Anonymous said...


the Live CD download link is down

Doug Burks said...

Hi Anonymous,

You're looking at a post from 2009 and the download location has changed since then. Please look for the Download/Install link on the right side of the page.


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