Thursday, October 30, 2008

Apache EnableSendfile directive

I'm currently working on integrating Barnyard and BASE into the Security Onion LiveCD. After generating a new ISO and booting it up, I opened Firefox and went to http://localhost/base/. I was greeted with the BASE setup screen, but it was plain white with no CSS formatting:

The /base/styles/base_style.css file was in place and had the proper permissions, but doing "curl http://localhost/base/styles/base_style.css" would result in "transfer closed with bytes remaining". I created a small "Hello World!" test page in the styles directory and Apache served it just fine. I then copied base_style.css and began taking things out until Apache served the file. Ultimately, I determined that Apache couldn't serve non-PHP files over 255 bytes. I did some research and stumbled upon the EnableSendfile directive. I added "EnableSendfile off" to my Apache configuration file, restarted Apache, and verified that Apache could serve files over 255 bytes. BASE then showed up with the proper formatting:

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