Friday, June 23, 2023

Red Hat, Rocky Linux, and Security Onion

On 2023/06/21, Red Hat announced a change to their source code access:

What does this change mean for Security Onion?

First, this change should have no effect on the current Security Onion 2.3 platform. 

For Security Onion 2.4, our plan is to use Rocky Linux as the base platform. On 2023/06/22, Rocky Linux posted the following:

Based on Rocky's announcement, we are optimistic that we can continue our plans to use Rocky Linux. If, for some reason, this changes we have contingency plans available.

We are monitoring this situation closely and will provide further updates as needed.

UPDATE 2023/06/25 Here's an additional update from the Rocky Linux team:

UPDATE 2023/07/25 We've published an updated blog post:

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