Monday, October 17, 2022

Security Onion 2.3.180 now available including Elastic 8.4.3, Suricata 6.0.8, Zeek 5.0.2, and new and improved Sysmon dashboards!

Security Onion 2.3.180 is now available! It updates Elastic, Suricata, and Zeek and adds new and improved Sysmon dashboards:

New and Improved Sysmon Dashboards

We've improved our existing Sysmon Overview dashboard and added several new Sysmon dashboards for registry, DNS, process, file, and network logs! You can read more about our Sysmon integration in our documentation. If you just want to quickly experience our Sysmon integration, you can do a quick Import installation following the screenshots at the end of this blog post and then use so-import-evtx to import some Sysmon evtx files from public samples or your own personal collection.

Sysmon Overview

Sysmon Registry

Sysmon DNS

Sysmon Process

Sysmon File

Sysmon Network

Zeek 5.0.2

In this release, we are updating from Zeek 4.0.9 to Zeek 5.0.2. Zeek 5.0.2 includes changes to SSL and X509 logging to avoid a lot of duplicate data and thus save space. However, when you go to the SSL or X509 dashboards, things will look different. For example, on the SSL dashboard, the Issuer and Subject aggregations will be blank because those fields are no longer in the Zeek SSL log. The Issuer and Subject fields are still in the Zeek X509 log so you can find them on the X509 dashboard. However, Zeek now only logs a given X509 cert once per day. The de-duplication saves space but keep in mind that overall X509 volume will be lower.

These changes first appeared in Zeek 4.1.0 so please review those release notes for further information:

For completeness, you may also want to review the changes for Zeek 4.2.0 and 5.0.0:


You can find our documentation here:

Documentation is always a work in progress and some documentation may be missing or incorrect. Please let us know if you notice any issues.

New Installations

If you want to perform a new installation, please review the documentation and then you can find instructions here:

Existing 2.3 Installations

WARNING! If you have an existing Security Onion 2.3 installation that hasn't yet been updated to version 2.3.140 or higher, then you should be aware that the Elastic components will undergo a major version upgrade to version 8. Please review and follow the steps at the link below. Failure to do so could result in loss of access to all data stored inside of Elastic and a non-functioning Security Onion installation.

Please be aware that custom settings in Kibana may be overwritten during upgrade. We recommend that you test the upgrade process on a test deployment before deploying to production. If you have a distributed deployment, then we recommend monitoring SOC Grid while your update is running to verify that all nodes update properly. If there are issues, you can review logs, services, and containers for any additional clues. If you need help, please see our support information below.

If you have custom Elasticsearch templates, please see:

For more information about the update process, please see:

AWS Marketplace

For new Security Onion 2 installations on AWS, Security Onion 2.3.180 will soon be available on AWS Marketplace via the official Security Onion 2 AMI:

AMI Documentation:

Existing Security Onion 2 AMI users should use the "soup" command to upgrade:

Azure Marketplace

For new Security Onion 2 installations on Azure, Security Onion 2.3.180 will soon be available on the Azure Marketplace!

Azure Documentation:

Existing Security Onion 2 users on Azure should use the "soup" command to upgrade:

Security Onion 16.04 EOL

As a reminder, Security Onion 16.04 has reached End Of Life (EOL):

If you're still running Security Onion 16.04, please see the following for upgrade options:

Questions or Problems

If you have questions or problems, please see our community support forum guidelines:

You can then find the community support forum at:


Lots of love went into this release!

Special thanks to all our folks working so hard to make this release happen!

  • Josh Brower
  • Jason Ertel
  • Wes Lambert
  • Josh Patterson
  • Mike Reeves


Need training? Start with our free Security Onion Essentials training and then take a look at some of our other official Security Onion training!

Hardware Appliances

We know Security Onion's hardware needs, and our appliances are the perfect match for the platform. Leave the hardware research, testing, and support to us, so you can focus on what's important for your organization. Not only will you have confidence that your Security Onion deployment is running on the best-suited hardware, you will also be supporting future development and maintenance of the Security Onion project!

Screenshot Tour

If you want the quickest and easiest way to try out Security Onion 2, just follow the screenshots below to install an Import node and then optionally enable the Analyst Workstation. This can be done in a minimal VM with only 4GB RAM! For more information, please see:

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