Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Quick Malware Analysis: BB02 QAKBOT (QBOT) pcap from 2022-10-14

Thanks to Brad Duncan for sharing this pcap!

We did a quick analysis of this pcap on the latest version of Security Onion via so-import-pcap:

The screenshots below show some of the interesting Suricata alerts, Zeek logs, and session transcripts. We start with the Suricata alerts and then move onto Zeek metadata. Along the way, we find an interesting download over HTTP and use CyberChef to carve it out and determine the password for the file. Finally, we look at all connections including the destination country and organization name.

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Click the first image to start the screenshot tour:

Suricata NIDS alerts

Zeek metadata

DNS lookup

X509 certificates

HTTP transactions

ASCII transcript for HTTP transaction

First HTTP transaction shows password that we'll use to open the downloaded file

Second HTTP transaction is a password-protected ZIP file

Opening the password-protected ZIP file using the password discovered earlier and extracting the embedded ISO image

Opening the ISO image

Interesting files inside the ISO image

CMD script from ISO image

Log of file transfers

SSL connections

Zeek notices for invalid SSL certs

All connections including destination country and organization name

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