Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Security Onion 2.3.110 20220405 Hotfix Now Available!

We recently released Security Onion 2.3.110 and a hotfix:

Today, we are releasing a second hotfix:

If you haven't updated recently, then you should review all links above so that you are aware of all recent changes.

This hotfix addresses an issue with SaltStack updates for Ubuntu and now pulls these packages from our standard Security Onion repository. If you are locking down your outbound access you will need to allow access to repo.securityonion.net for these new updates.

If you are using CentOS and have already applied the 20220401 hotfix, then this hotfix is optional.

New Installations

If you want to perform a new installation, please review the documentation and then you can find instructions here:

Existing 2.3 Installations

If you have an existing 2.3 installation that you want to update, please see:

Security Onion 16.04

If you are still running Security Onion 16.04, please note that it is past End Of Life. Please take this opportunity to upgrade to Security Onion 2:

Questions or Problems

If you have questions or problems, please see our community support forum guidelines:

You can then find the community support forum at:

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