Thursday, July 29, 2021

Security Onion 2.3.61 MSEARCH Hotfix Now Available!

We recently released Security Onion 2.3.60, 2.3.61, and a few hotfixes:

Today, we are releasing a hotfix for Security Onion 2.3.61 with an additional fix:

This hotfix is only necessary for folks doing a MasterSearch installation with Elastic clustering enabled.

If you haven't updated recently, then you should review all blog posts linked above so that you are aware of all recent changes.

Internet-Connected Deployments

If your Security Onion deployment has Internet access, simply run "sudo soup" as described here:

Airgap Deployments

If you have an airgap deployment, download the new ISO image from the usual location:

Then follow the steps here:

Questions or Problems

If you have questions or problems, please see our community support forum guidelines:

You can then find the community support forum at:

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