Thursday, February 25, 2021

Zeek 3.0.13 now available for Security Onion 16.04!

Zeek 3.0.13 was recently released and is a security update:

The following updates are now available for Security Onion 16.04!

  • securityonion-bro - 3.0.13-1ubuntu1securityonion1 (Zeek 3.0.13)
  • securityonion-bro-afpacket - 1.3.0-1ubuntu1securityonion33
  • securityonion-bro-scripts - 20121004-0ubuntu0securityonion112

These updates should resolve the following issue:

Zeek 3.0.13 #1821


Thanks to the Zeek team for Zeek 3.0.13!

Thanks to Chris Morgret for testing and QA!


Please see the following page for full update instructions:


Need support?  Please see:


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