Monday, March 28, 2016

Security Onion ISO image now available!

We have a new Security Onion ISO image now available that contains all the latest Ubuntu and Security Onion updates as of March 19, 2016!

This resolves the following issue: ISO image #861

This new ISO image has been tested by the following (thanks!):
Wes Lambert
James Taylor
L.T. Easterly

New Users
I've updated the Verify_ISO page for the new ISO image:

Please remember to verify the signature of the downloaded ISO image using the instructions on that page.

Existing Deployments
If you have existing installations based on a previous 14.04 ISO image, there is no need to download the new ISO image.  You can simply continue using our standard update process to install updated packages as they are made available:

Release Notes
For more information about this release, please see:

This new ISO image will be used in our upcoming online class in May:

Want to show your support for Security Onion?
Several folks have asked about Security Onion t-shirts and they are available in our CafePress store!

Need Support?
If you have questions or problems, please see:


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