Monday, February 1, 2016

securityonion-elsa - 1205chartsjsd3-1ubuntu1securityonion6 resolves issue with map dashboard

Brian Haugli found an issue when rendering ELSA dashboards with maps:

Issue 842: securityonion-elsa: map dashboard displays empty screen

Martin Holste fixed the bug and I've packaged the fix. The following packages are now available in our stable repo:
securityonion-elsa - 1205chartsjsd3-1ubuntu1securityonion6
securityonion-elsa-extras - 20151011-1ubuntu1securityonion27


Suppose you want to create an ELSA dashboard based on the "Connections - Groupby Resp Country" query:

Click the ELSA drop-down menu and then click Dashboards.  The Dashboards window appears:

Click "Create/import new dashboard".  "Create New Dashboard" window appears.  Specify your desired Title and Alias and then set Auth to "Any authenticated user":

Click the Submit button to return to the Dashboards window:

Click the Actions drop-down menu and then click Edit.  On the Edit page, click "Add Chart".  "Create New Chart" window appears.  Specify your desired Title, set Type to "Map", then add your Label and Query.  Note that the query specifically excludes results where the responder country code is null ("-"):

 Click the Submit button and then click "Finished Editing".  Dashboard appears:

These new packages are now available in our stable repo.  Please see the following page for full update instructions:

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