Monday, June 17, 2013

8-hour Security Onion class in Augusta GA on Thursday August 1, 2013

Want to learn more about Security Onion?  Please make plans to attend this 8-hour class in Augusta GA on Thursday August 1, 2013!

More details (including cost, location, and registration information) will be posted here soon.  Stay tuned for details!

UPDATE 2013/06/27

Registration is now live!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Great idea Doug, I hope you have a 'full capture' turnout.

Unknown said...

I have two others interested in attending with me. Let us know the details so we can sign up.

Doug Burks said...

Thanks, Sid! I'll update this blog post as soon as the details are finalized!

Hermano Queiroz said...

Please sign me up too!

Doug Burks said...

Hi Hermano,

Please stay tuned for registration details.


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