Monday, May 14, 2012

Security Onion at DC404 in Atlanta GA this Saturday 5/19

I'll be presenting Security Onion at the DC404 meeting this Saturday 5/19!

Brad Shoop will also be there presenting his Splunk app for Security Onion!

For more information, please see:

Want to learn more about Intrusion Detection?
Doug Burks will be teaching SANS 503 Intrusion Detection In-Depth in Augusta, GA in June!  For more information, please see:


Tiago Sousa said...

will there be a video/audio recording of the presentation?

Doug Burks said...

That'd be a question for the DC404 folks, but I think the answer is no. There are links to my previous presentations on the right side of the page.


Bort Vern said...

Hey Doug! Great presentation, I'll be reading up on the docs and diving into an install in my network in hopes of helping out before too long.

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