Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Security Onion Documentation Updates

I spent some time this morning creating and updating several pages on the Security Onion Wiki:

Installation Procedure


Email Configuration



If you see any changes that need to be made or documentation that needs to be added, please write it up and we'll get it posted!

Help Wanted
Security Onion needs help in the following areas:

  • assisting users on the mailing list and in IRC
  • quality assurance and testing new releases
  • documentation
  • package maintainers

If Security Onion has provided value to you and/or your organization, please consider giving back to the community by donating your time to the above needs!  If interested, please contact me via email.  Thanks!

Want to learn more about Intrusion Detection?
Doug Burks will be teaching SANS 503 Intrusion Detection In-Depth in Augusta, GA in June!  For more information, please see:


Joe said...

I'd like to email you, but I don't see an email address posted.

Doug Burks said...

Hi Joe,

Are you a member of our mailing list? You should be able to see my email address there.

Doug Burks

Anonymous said...

Hi Appreciate if someone can share a logical connection digram. For example where the eth0 and eth1 suppose to connect. Thanks

Doug Burks said...

Hi Anonymous,

You could have eth0 be your management interface and eth1 be your sniffing interface or vice versa. The management interface would connect to a standard switchport and the sniffing interface would connect to a tap or a span/monitor port.

Hope that helps!


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