Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SANS 401 Mentor class coming to Augusta!

I'll be mentoring SANS 401 Security Essentials in Augusta, GA on Tuesday nights starting January 12, 2010. ISSA members are eligible for a 25% discount!

SANS 401 Security Essentials mentored by Doug Burks in Augusta GA

Why should you take SANS 401 Security Essentials?

* Are you a Systems Administrator or Network Engineer who would like to learn more about security? This course gives a very thorough overview of security theory and practice. Additionally, the tools and techniques that you learn in this class are directly applicable to your current job (and will prepare you for the future).

* DoD 8570 Compliance. If you work for the Department of Defense (or would like to), DoD Mandate 8570 requires security certification for any employee performing Information Assurance (security) work. The Security Essentials certification is among those required for 8570. For more information, please see the SANS 8570 page.

* Complement your CISSP. If you've already taken the CISSP, SANS 401 Security Essentials is the perfect technical complement. It takes all the theory that you learned at a high level for the CISSP and applies it in a very practical and updated manner. SANS 401 is "where the rubber meets the road".

* Augment your Windows/Linux skills. Highly experienced with Windows, but not so much with Linux? Or the other way around? SANS 401 Security Essentials dedicates an entire section to Windows security and another entire section to Linux security.

* Considering the SANS GSE (GIAC Security Expert) or SANS Masters program? SANS 401 Security Essentials is required for both.

These are just a few reasons to register for SANS 401 Security Essentials. For more information, please see:

SANS 401 Security Essentials mentored by Doug Burks in Augusta GA

Don't forget that ISSA members are eligible for a 25% discount! If you would like to register for the ISSA and/or SANS 401, please let me know and I'll be glad to help get you registered.


Laruethane said...

Will this course be like a week long bootcamp, an online course, or what?


Doug Burks said...

Hi Brant,

This class will be held on Tuesday nights for 10 weeks starting January 12, 2010. We will meet from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Students will also have access to the MP3 audio from a full week-long bootcamp. The bootcamp can be overwhelming (like drinking from a firehose), so this weekly mentor format is much better in that it gives you time to fully digest the material and go at your own pace.

For more information, please see:

Also, if you join the Greater Augusta ISSA, I can offer you a 25% discount on the class.

If you have any further questions or would like to register for the ISSA or the class, please let me know!

Doug Burks

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